Aerial Survey

Fmm currently has two aircraft of the type Partenvia P68 Observer (since 2012 Vulcanair). This type is constructed particularly for its use as a “Special Mission Platform”.



Airborne laser scanning is a technique for surveying the earth’s surface using an active sensor for laser distance measurements, resulting in direct punctual measurements.



For true orthophotos a digital surface model (in short DSM) is used for un-distortion.



Particularly in smaller project areas, which require high resolution data, drones can be used alternatively to our aeroplanes.

Galerie News Play download
Galerie News Play download

Aerial Survey & Remote Sensing

Since the early 1990s, fmm is engaged in aerial photography. Starting from smaller orders in forestry it developed to an ever more important cornerstone within the company. Upon the adaptation from analogue to digital aerial photography in 2006, the good order situation continued to improve. Together with ongoing technical innovations the volume of processed data increased continuously.
Brand-new airborne cameras, two aeroplanes and up to date soft- and hardware ensure that fmm is among the leading aerial photo companies in Central Europe.

Explore a 70 gigapixel picture of Salzburg

Explore Salzburg in an unfamiliar way. The Ultracam Osprey picture made up of over 80.000 images. Most of the images (RGB, CIR and PAN) were taken in 2015. Enjoy yourself!