fmm currently has two aircraft of the type Partenvia P68 Observer (since 2012 Vulcanair). This type is constructed particularly for its use as a “Special Mission Platform”. The special design enables flight operation on short runways and unpaved tracks. Therefore we are flexible in our choice of airfields which allows an ideal usage of every possible flight day. The helicopter-like nose of the plane allows for a unique panorama-view into the project area.

Technical Data

  • Length: 9,00 m
  • Wingspread: 12,15 m
  • Max. Take-off weight: 1960 kg
  • Engine: 2x Lycoming each 210 HP
  • Cruising speed: 220 km/h (130 kt)
  • Altitude: 6.000 m (20.000 ft)
  • Max. Endurance: 6,5 h