Flight Planning and Data Processing

Flight planning
The basis for every photo flight is a precise flight planning which includes height data of a digital elevation model. The planning is overlaid with aeronautical charts and maps. After exporting the planned flight lines to the flight management system the data is double-checked and then available for the pilot and the operator at any time during the flight. A precise planning and implementation is necessary for perfect imagery and happy customers.

On a cloudless day an amount of several thousand images can be taken. Therefore the collected data volume per day can reach up to several hundred Gigabyte. The recorded data is collected in a raw format and therefore has to be processed quickly to enable a rapid double-checking of possible image errors or poor image quality (due to clouds, cloud shadows respectively). To manage data of this enormous quantity promptly, fmm is equipped with its own server cluster. Along several intermediate steps the images are adjusted radiometrically and processed to the customer-specific end-format.

Ultramap by Microsoft provides a software-package which can be used from raw data processing until finishing the end product for the customer. The visualisation of huge image mosaics is possible as well as continuous zoom and clustered computation.

Trimble-Inpho offers individual functions during all processing steps of orthophoto production, no matter which camera is used. Therefore this software package is an indispensable component of our flexible workflow. The different modules provide solutions for dtm-editing, aero triangulation, distortion correction, colour matching and mosaicking.

Technical data

  • Raw format level00: ca. 1,2 GB
  • Indermediate product level 02: ca. 0,5 GB (compressed)
  • End product RGB/CIR 16bit: ca. 1,5 GB
  • Lvl03 RGBI 16bit: ca. 2,0 GB