Technical Equipment

Since 2012 fmm possesses a Microsoft Ultracam Eagle. This enables us to take flexible high overlap imagery with a ground resolution between 3 and 25 cm. In 2015 the camera was upgraded with an interchangeable lens of 80 mm, 100 mm respectively. Thus, we can react even more flexible to our customer’s individual demands.

Technical Data

  • aspect ratio 20.010×13.080 Pixel (260 MP)
  • Pixel size 5,2 µm
  • 1 panchromatic channel
  • 4 multispectral channels (Red, Green, Blue & NIR)
  • shutter release below 2sec

Flight management system
Our flight management system consists of two parts: a high resolution recording system for GPS data (aerocontrol) and a control system (CCNS4). Aerocontrol is a GNSS/IMU-system which is used to determine the position of the camera system during the flight precisely. The collected data are later processed in Aerooffice and used for direct georeferencing or aerial triangulation.
The Computer Controlled Navigation System (CCNS4) is used as a positioning, control and information system. Pilot and camera operator are able to retrieve all relevant information about the project area at any time.

The GSM 3000 is a gyro-stabilized mount that compensates rotation movements (roll, pitch, and yaw) of the aircraft. Thus, a stable camera position during every photo flight is guaranteed.