GPS Winter Road Maintenance (fmmtracer)

fmmtracer enables real-time tracking of your vehicles. The current GPS position of the vehicle is transmitted and saved in one-second-intervals.


Vehicle tracking

With FleetControl, you always have an eye on your fleet.

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Fleet management

With fleetcontrol and fmmtracer, you always have an eye on your fleet. The tracer is installed in your vehicle and sends the vehicle’s current GPS position and other relevant data to fmm’s tracer server at one-second intervals. fleetcontrol displays the movement of vehicles and all relevant data on a map in real-time. In winter road maintenance, the desired spread rate and the snow plough’s status (up/down) is shown. All data is saved, so a comprehensive analysis of every single tour is possible.
In timber industry, individual routes can be assigned to delivery notes and cranes can be visualised (on/off). For winter road maintenance, fmm integrates interfaces for spreader system manufacturers so data can be analysed comfortably. Driver’s reports, as well as data collection and evaluation, is done automatically.