Produce your delivery notes in FHPDAT-Standard. This app displays all steps of a wood logistics workflow.




With timbermeasure, sawing companies can easily input supplier’s data about weight and dimensions of wood.


Forest Management

Benefit from longstanding experience! Fmm supports its customers in all kinds of subjects like forest inventories, …


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Wood logistics

fmm displays all wood logistics in FHP standards.
From production reports and provision messages, the processing of delivery notes, creation of freight orders or disposition and electronic delivery notes, all processes are illustrated.
Web applications like timbercontrol as a freight office as well as smartphone-apps such as poltermobile (for the producer) and frachtmobile (for the freighter) are used.
As a specialist for live-tracking, fmm furthermore provides a “blackbox” for analysing real-time vehicle tracks, dwell time and crane time. All products are FHP compatible, so data exchange with all other providers is possible.