The application forestmobile enables forestries a simple administration at any time from any place, as no permanent internet connection is necessary to input data.  An internet connection is required to synchronise the data or display background map layers.

  • Surveying of Geolayers in the field (point, line, area, polar points)
  • Navigation to landmarks and point sampling spots
  • Taxation with relascope and integrated height measuring function
  • Recording of felling areas
  • Digital forest maps and digital cadastre maps
  • Wood pile
  • Freight orders
  • Land registry with annotation field
  • Geophotos
  • Economic plan (offline) with editing function
  • Cultural activities

The application poltermobile is able to survey quantity of wood piles as well as recording of wood piles and determination of coordinates and documentation of geophotos.

  • Automated freight orders and freight demand orders in logistics standard format FHP
  • Assignment of users for the service providers
  • Eight languages (German, English, Croatian, Polish, Rumanian, Slovakian, Slowenian and Hungarian)
  • Synchronisation of TimberControl and ForestMobile
  • Logging with all information in real-time: supply, carriage, remaining quantities, etc.

CarrierMobilePLUS can be used to receive FHP-freight orders on your mobile phone. The simple handling, a quick order processing as well as constant status updates are advantages of frachtmobile.

  • All reports as well as FHP standards included
  • Searching and filtering for orders
  • Transmission of images of the freight
  • Sending of electronic delivery Slips
  • All functions available