ForestMobile Privacy Statement

1. General
ForestMobile is a mobile application that allows one to create and edit data that is used with FMM’s TimberControl,, web application.  To effectively use the application, some personal information may be accessed.  This data is used only with TimberControl and is not shared with any third parties.
2. Application rights and personal information
2.1 Name
ForestMobile must be connected to a TimberControl account to correctly synchronize the databases and to allow the TimberControl administrator to set data rights for individual users.  The name and/or given phone name/id during registration allows the TimberControl administrator to easier identify individual phones connected to their data.
2.2 Contacts list – E-mail addresses
ForestMobile can create transportation work orders that are sent using FHP,, standard orders over e-mail.  ForestMobile allows you to copy individual e-mail addresses from your contact list to be used as recipients of the work orders.
2.3 Location
ForestMobile uses location information to create geographically aware data used in TimberControl or to geographically query the TimberControl database.  Features that require location services are disabled if the location services are not turned on within the application.
2.4 Camera
ForestMobile allows you to take photos in the application to be linked to data items.  The location information can also be collected with the photos for display within maps in TimberControl.
 3. Data
All data sent with ForestMobile is saved within your TimberControl application database.  All data is saved on the FMM servers as long as a customer has an active TimberControl user account based on individual contracts between FMM and the TimberControl user.
 4. Sharing of data with third parties.
All data created with the ForestMoblie application is owned by the TimberControl user associated with the ForestMobile installation.  This data is not shared with third parties without prior consent of the data owners.