Based on different categories (tourism, public institutions, events, etc.) you can search whole regions on map2day. The result is displayed in the map window immediately, alternatively available as 2d or 3d visualization. The user can also mark meeting points in a map, attach a message to them and send them to other users via email. Information about objects like restaurants, accommodation, hospitals, doctors or events can be selected and visualised easily.

3d flights
3d flights can be visualised and at the same time displayed in 2d mode. Free navigation enables the user to acquire a good impression about the region. During the “flight” information from the selected categories is displayed by icons. By clicking on these icons, multimedia-information, hyperlinks and texts are shown. Realistic building structures can also be incorporated into the landscape.

City models
Extensive 3d city models can be integrated in map2day. The data is transferred via internet stream, which allows astonishingly detailed city views and landscape.