Data Privacy Notice


This Data Privacy Notice is intended to inform users of this website about the nature, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data by the website operator, Forest Mapping Management. The website operator shall treat your personal data as confidential and handle such data in accordance with the law. Please bear in mind that the transmission of data online is always open to security risks, and that it is not possible to provide complete protection against third-party access.

The website operator and the infrastructure used (software, server, firewall) collect data on access to the website and store this data in so-called “logfiles”. The following data is logged:
• Webpage visited
• Time of access
• Volume of data transmitted in bytes
• Source/Link via which you accessed the webpage
• Browser used
• Operating system used
• IP address used
The data collected is used for statistical purposes and in order to improve the website. The website operator reserves the right to undertake a retrospective review of server logfiles if there is any specific indication of unlawful use.

If you contact the website operator using the contact details provided, your data will be stored so that it can be used when processing and responding to your enquiry. Your data will not be passed on to third parties without your consent.

At your request, you, the user, may obtain information free of charge concerning which of your personal data is stored. Provided your request does not conflict with a legal duty to store data (e.g. statutory data retention requirements), you have the right to rectification of incorrect data and to the blocking or erasure of your personal data.

ForestMobile Privacy Notice

1. General
ForestMobile is a mobile application that allows you to create and edit data used with FMM’s TimberControl web application, To enable effective use of the app, a limited amount of personal data may be accessed. This data is used only by TimberControl and is not shared with any other programs or users.

2. Rights of use and personal information

2.1 Name
ForestMobile must be connected to a TimberControl account in order to correctly synchronize the database and to allow the TimberControl administrator to set data rights for individual users. The name and/or telephone-name ID provided during registration allows the TimberControl administrator to identify individual phones and their data and facilitates this process.

2.2 Contact list – Email addresses
ForestMobile can create transport job orders to be sent via FHP,, while standard orders are sent via email. ForestMobile enables individual e-mail addresses to be copied from your contact list to be used as recipients of job orders.

2.3 Location
ForestMobile uses location information to create key geographical data used in TimberControl or to request geographical data from the TimberControl database. Features that require location services are disabled if location services are not turned on within the app.

2.4 Camera
ForestMobile allows photos to be taken in the app and then linked to data items. The photos can also be tagged with location information for display within maps in TimberControl.

3. Data
All data sent via ForestMobile is saved within your TimberControl app database. All data is stored on the FMM servers as long as a customer has an active TimberControl user account based on an individual contract between FMM and the TimberControl user.

4. Sharing of data with third parties
All data created with the ForestMobile app is owned by the TimberControl user and is associated with the ForestMobile installation. This data is not shared with third parties without the prior consent of the data owners.

CarrierMobile Privacy Notice

1. General
This app was created in order to facilitate logistical processes in timber transportation. Since multiple organizations are generally involved in the transportation of timber, use of a common standard is needed – in this case, the FHP standard (

2. Personal data that may be processed by the app:
Email address
First name/Surname
Current location data
Telephone number/Mobile number/Fax
IBAN/BIC/Bank sort code/Bank account number

3. App permissions

3.1 Location data
In order to comply with the FHP standard, coordinates must be appended when generating all status reports and delivery notes. Coordinates are used exclusively for this purpose.

3.2 Camera
Images can be attached to a delivery note. Indeed, most companies require this. The app uses the camera for this purpose only.

3.3 Third-party file access
Besides images taken by the camera, existing images can be attached to a delivery note. In addition, delivery notes can be stored via the device-specific printer function.

3.4 Contacts
A transport order always comprises several addresses, such as supplier, collection address, delivery address, customer, logistics coordinator, etc.
Normally, transport orders for the app come via the freight exchange platform, in which case the addresses are already entered in the order. (In addition, with existing transport orders, there is the option of selecting a sub-supplier in the delivery note.)
If, however, a transport order is created in the app, or a sub-supplier is selected in the delivery note, these addresses must be supplied. In order to facilitate this process, the app has an internal address book.
However, since it is quite likely that an app user will already have an address stored in their device contacts, users can import contacts into the in-app address book. As a result, the only contacts transferred into the app are those selected by the user.

4. Data

4.1 Data required by Forest Mapping Management
Each device must initially be registered with Forest Mapping Management GmbH. Then, with every synchronization process, the driver’s technical email address used and a device ID are sent to Forest Mapping Management. The email address is stored until replaced by a new email address or deleted by an FMM employee. The device ID must be deleted by an FMM employee.

4.2 Freight exchange platform
This app is only a client application; in order to use it, an FMM freight exchange platform is needed.
The freight exchange platform may be hosted and maintained by Forest Mapping Management GmbH, but may also be hosted and maintained by a third party.
All status reports, delivery notes and driver data are synchronized with the server. Provisionally (during the current BETA phase), this data is still stored permanently and would need to be deleted directly from the freight exchange platform database. However, the plan is that freight exchange administrators will be able to decide the periodic intervals at which data should be deleted.

4.3 App
At present (during the current BETA phase), data in the app is permanent and, for the time being, the only way to delete app data is by uninstalling the app or through platform-specific deletion of the app files. However, the plan is to implement a feature enabling selection of individual jobs for deletion.

5. Data transfer to third parties
In principle, no data transfer to third parties is envisaged. The freight exchange platform does have a forwarding function; however, this is intended only for forwarding between business partners in accordance with Forst Holz Papier specifications, e.g. internal forest logistics software.

6. Data transfer to business partners
The freight exchange platform sends status reports and delivery notes, including all data defined in the FHP standard (contact data, images, coordinates, etc.; see clause 3), to the technical email addresses of the logistics coordinator and carrier; in addition, automatic forwarding can be set up on the freight exchange platform, so that all status reports and delivery notes are also sent to the stated email addresses.
The software owner itself is responsible for the recipients to whom data is sent.
Forest Mapping Management GmbH will be granted access to this data if:
– The freight exchange platform operator has instructed Forest Mapping Management to host and/or maintain the software/services;
– The data is indirectly received by Forest Mapping Management, e.g. as a result of the logistics coordinator using software hosted by Forest Mapping Management GmbH.
– However, if access to data is required for support reasons, such data will only be analysed for this purpose, and will not be stored beyond the period of the support case.