Legal Notice

Company name: Forest Mapping Management Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH)

Products and services: Aerial photography surveys, production of orthophotos and true orthophotos, 3D web visualization of whole landscape scenarios, production of digital and analogue forest maps, forestry services, plus online and mobile applications for local government, tourism and forestry operations.

Company number: 55674z

Commercial Register Court: Salzburg Regional Court

Competent authority under the Austrian eCommerce Act (E-Commerce-Gesetz, ECG): Salzburg City Administration (Magistrat der Stadt Salzburg)

VAT reference: ATU33885203

Executive Board & Marketing: Andreas Igel | Christoph Hartleitner | Oliver Hilpold

Bank details:
Name of bank: Sparkasse Oberösterreich
IBAN: AT77 2032 0321 0064 1905

Affiliations: fmm is a member of the Austrian Chambers of Commerce


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